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Bakuriani is a mountain-skiing resort located in Borjomi municipality. Bakuriani is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range at 1700 meters above sea level. The climate is transitioning from a humid sea to a moderately humid continent. Winter - cold, snowy, summer - long. The average annual temperature is 4.3 ° C, January 7.2 ° C, August 15 ° C. Precipitation is 734 mm per year. Snow cover (64 cm thick) from early December to late March.
Bakuriani area is covered with coniferous forest. Bakuriani is one of the most important tourist resorts in Georgia.

Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani is located in a prestigious location in the center of Bakuriani. The location allows you to go skiing on the three main ski slopes: Didveli, Kokhtagora and Mitarbi. The hotel is also close to Borjomi Park. The hotel has a professional service staff who are always on the lookout and ready to help.

Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani has 27 hotel rooms including: Deluxe twin room for 2 guests, Deluxe king room for 2 + 1 guest, Superior suite for 2 + 1 guest and Family suite for 4 + 1 guest. All rooms are distinguished by comfort and tasteful design of the room.
Room rate includes breakfast (buffet)

Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani also offers spa services (Turkish and Finnish saunas), a children's entertainment room, a ski storage room, a conference room and a movie theater.

All of these services are included in the room rate.

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