Become Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani Club member for 1500 ₾ (451$) , book and enjoy 50% discount on any season in the hotel!

Club membership duration is for 5 years and payment is only for one time!

Room price includes three meals a day buffet, children's room, Turkish and Finnish sauna, pool, conference and cinema hall. Hotel includes 27 Deluxe and Luxe type room, elevator, isolated yard and well-furnished terraces. On the first floor there is a "Sapphire Lounge" which offers delicious dishes, pleasant music, Dj, Karaoke and a variety of drinks.

If the high quality service and comfort is important for you, don’t miss a chance to join Sapphire Club and to enjoy a discount in hotel!

Sign up easily online, get the unique code of Sapphire Club with only Personal Number and spend unforgettable days in Bakuriani.

For more information please call: +995 591 54 93 30

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