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Bakuriani is a skiing resort in the Borjomi district of Georgia. It is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, at an elevation of 1,700 meters (5,576 feet) above sea level. The region around Bakuriani is covered by coniferous forests. The climate of Bakuriani is transitional from humid maritime to relatively humid continental. The winters are cold and experience significant snowfall while the summers are long and warm. Average annual temperature of the town is 4.3 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in January is -7.3 degrees Celsius while the average August temperature is 15 degrees Celsius.Bakuriani is one of the most important touristic resort in Georgia.

Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani is located on prestigious place in the centre of Bakuriani. Location gives you an opportunity to ski on the three most prestigious ski flops: Didveli, Kokhtagora and Mitarbi. Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani is near to Borjomi Park. Hotel has professional staff that is always ready to help.

Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani has 27 rooms. There are different kinds of rooms: Deluxe Twin Room for 2 persons, Deluxe King Room for 2+1 persons, Superior Suite for 2+1 persons and Family Suite 4+1 persons. However every room is comfortable and has nice design.

Price of room includes delicious two times buffet. Food is really amazing.

Sapphire Hotel & Spa Bakuriani also offers spa service(Turkish and finish saunas), kid’s club, ski room for ski equipment, conference and cinema rooms.

Every service is included in the price of room.

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